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2002-06-23 19:22:08 ET

Wednesday: broke down and went to Embers for 80's/Goth/Industrial night.

Thursday: went to Unterzone to confirm the fact that Catalyst is a gutless wonder.

Friday: hung out with Antiore to celebrate her acceptance to Humber and getting her loan. (yay! for open air drinking on a warm night on a playground)

Saturday: 11am to 7pm, made a lot of money for my boss.

2002-06-23 19:26:40 ET

damn the boss man!
sounds like you and antoire had fun though :-)

2002-06-23 19:37:12 ET

i make decent money from them because i make them lots 'o cash. i'm such a consumer i like to sell stuff, and i have fun at it.

we got some pics of the fun, i might post some later.

2002-06-23 19:41:40 ET

oh, pics...neato! :-)

2002-06-26 06:30:00 ET

mhm ... rum & coke, playing on the swings, and getting my ass wet from the slides - damn good times!

hey, Washu ... what are your 4th plans?

2002-06-26 08:29:55 ET

no plans yet. i work that day til 6pm at the latest.

2002-06-26 08:42:49 ET

how about the 5th? if you & the Rev are free, there's going to be a "july 5th" beer bust party at my friend Kevin's house - food, beer, more beer, all sorts of fun people, and a hot tub ... you more than welcome to come!

2002-06-26 12:12:15 ET

again, i work til 6...

but we'd love to go.

2002-06-26 12:45:13 ET

sounds great! i'll talk to kevin, get all the gory details, and keep you posted!

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