A Response for Bio from a Thread (amended)
2002-06-25 19:00:14 ET

My reason for doing drugs: the experience. Itís neither a good nor a bad reason.

Like many other people before me, I have been drawn to psychedelics in the pursuit of an expanded consciousness, to see things our human minds possibly ignore. I do not see what I have done in the past as simply ďa good timeĒ.

I do refuse to do any hard drug (i.e.: anything that addicts the mind and body) and I donít condone the use of anything that destroys and wastes the body. Junkies and meth-heads are not a pretty sight and are less than trustworthy.

I do not believe that all drug users are idiots. Without heroin the world would have never had the writings of William S. Burroughs, without LSD a lot of progressive music would be missing (no early Pink Floyd and the Beatles would have never composed Sgt. Pepper). Long-term marihuana use has not affected my motherís ability to be a great phlebotomist. But, I feel that if a person is a dumb looser to start with they will be more so on drugs. People should always educate themselves about the possible consequences of drugs before using them.

In the long run, drugs are not for everyone. But please think before you use any substance.

2002-06-25 19:07:09 ET

"please think before you use any substance"

so true!
i believe that people should consider what they're doing...and i could rant and rave about drugs and how drug laws are useless blah blah blah for ever...
....and i personally don't do drugs although i do drink

2002-06-25 19:08:29 ET

very well said! although the thought of coca-cola still makes my head hurt! There's one to say away from! After all experimentation is over, I've come right back down to good ol' alcohol--there's a reason it's been around for so so long--LOL!

2002-06-25 19:12:12 ET

drug awarness is the only way to go.

why the fukk would anyone be so stuid as to put something into your body without knowing what it is and what it will do.

but i kno many ppl that do this. unfortunately.

2002-06-25 19:21:39 ET

i suggest that people become learned about drugs...if anyone has questions i can answer questions pretty effectively on this topic.

2002-06-25 19:26:02 ET

i can also......i am very educated in this department

2002-06-25 19:31:38 ET

there are some drugs that i am still naive about, i choose to keep it that way. i will hopefully never try heroin.

2002-06-25 19:33:20 ET

me eiether altho i get curious about it alot....and i kno alot of ppl in vanciuver who snort it thinkgin it wont affect them the same as injecting.

pfffttt. but my curiousity scares me.

2002-06-25 19:33:32 ET

well if you ever have any questions about drug laws, how drugs are made, or about what drugs do what and what they don't do feel free to send your inquiries my way...

2002-06-25 19:34:25 ET

hey furax....ever read the book uppers downers and all arounders?

bye far my fav.

2002-06-25 19:34:36 ET

There's no way to be totaly "educated" because each individual pil or powder or whatever you get is going to be cut differant, so it's really a game of chance. I usually watch the guy/gal who sold it do one first;) A bit gehtto, but it works!

2002-06-25 19:35:07 ET

i only buy from ppl i know.

2002-06-25 19:38:10 ET

i suggest a very good book called The American Drug Scene :-)

2002-06-25 19:38:42 ET

anyone curious about doing heroin should watch the movies Broken Vessels and Requiem for a Dream. both movies illustrate well just how fucked things can get when you become a junkie.

2002-06-25 19:39:34 ET

oh i kno how bad it is and how i will get get.

of course.

but that doesnt affect me as much as it used to.

2002-06-25 19:40:38 ET

I did heroin once--I got sick cause I had been drinking Guinness all day, then I sweated for a bit, then I passed out, then I woke up, and then I wondered why the hell did I just do that(?)!!!

2002-06-25 19:43:14 ET


2002-06-26 17:48:40 ET

Herion is scary, I was with my first husband when he died from an OD is not a good way to go he couldn't talk you could tell by the way he looked he couldn't see he was was laying on the floor shaking, the mass convolutions he went into right befor he died were just painfuly voilent, it is not an easy way to die. When I was young and on the streets I saw alot of people die some in very horrific ways from OD's or just plain freaking out. When I was younger I did my share of drugs (and the share of a third world countries, too). But I am lucky I came out ok, I know a lot of people who didn't.

2002-06-26 17:57:02 ET

I've had a lot of close friends of mine die in similar ways--six at last count--I guess that number is sort of high--When something like that happens it really puts the whole drug use thing into perspective. Another funeral is the last thing anyone wants, death tears apart lives, especially senceless death...especially your own.

2002-06-27 07:56:15 ET

i've lost too many kids i know to OD'ing - heroin, meth, coke, 'legal' opiates ... too many substances and deaths to list.
free will and curiousity are hard to temper and even harder to try and suppress in others. you can't force someone to do what you want them to, but you can try and keep them informed and be a support.
for those kids that i still know and work with that are addicts/junkies, i always ask "is this something you think you can manage right now?", "do you need someone to be with you when you use?", "do you have a safe place to go?" ... and i remind them that i am a phone call away in case something happens and they get over their head.

2002-06-27 08:42:56 ET

i think that if they told people things like:
"you'll get pimples and pick at your face if you take too many amphetamines" i mean because saying things like "you'll die" or "it will kill you" doesn't really effect people. but what would keep kids away from drugs more then pimples?! i'm sure most teenagers are more afraid of pimples then death.

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