It's Friday for Meeeeeeee!
2002-06-26 19:35:17 ET

I'm getting ready to go to Embers for the 80's/Goth/Industrial night. The music is almost never good, old over-played crap is what is mainly spun. But lots of my friends and acquaintances go, and the rev and I get special treatment from the bartender.

Gotta run...

2002-06-26 19:36:10 ET

Allright, well, I got the black pantiliners, they are very STRANGE

2002-06-26 19:41:04 ET

hehehe we have a club just like that here--can't walk through the door without hearing 1)Wolfsheim 2)VNV Nation 3)Front 24.. Yet everyone shows up and the drinks are free 'till midnight (which may be why everyone shows up) Anyhoo, have fun!

2002-06-27 09:35:01 ET

yeah i hate when all they play is the same songs all the time...once i even asked the dj why this was so...and he told me that people don't dance unless he puts those songs on...i guess NY-ers likethe same old boring shit? or there are a lot of newbies and they recognize the songs and so they dance then because they can pretend like they're cool and know the words...blah...

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