Don't Techno for an answer... Show #50 Playlist
2004-01-16 14:53:41 ET

The Klinik - Pyramid
Amon Tobin - Verbal
Implant - You Are What You Hear
Andrea Parker - In Two Minds
The Delta - Standby
Architect - demo track 1
Hrvatski - Bonus Beatz From the Steetz
Black Lung - Downtime Disco Dementia
Ammo - Ghost Phalanx (Panacea mix)
5F_55 - 4D61 6B72 6F62 696F 6E69 6B
Needle Sharing - Gay Crisis
Venetian Snares - Find Candace
Monolith - Tribal Globe
Download - Primitive Tekno Jam
Juno Reactor - Conga Fury
Kid 606 - Smack My Glitch Up
T. Raumschmiere - The Game Is Not Over (featuring Miss Kittin)
Panacea - King of the Jungle
Lords Of Acid - Spacey Bitch
Lećtherstrip - Kill a Raver
The Dust Brothers - This Is Your Life


In case you're wondering “why so much techno?”, blame it on the PIGlist. The argument about what is and what is not “techno” kills me. I’m under the opinion that I have just played a lot of techno-of various styles. I'd rather call it electronica just to make people shut up. All of this is (or would be if we carried it) filed under "techno" at the record shop I work at. And remember, power noise is “techno for rivetheads” as the Rev. DJ RaZorslave would say.

2004-01-16 17:43:18 ET

powernoise is music for rivetheads who dont want to listen to techno because they're afraid they'll like it ;-)

2004-01-16 17:52:45 ET

true dat.

2004-01-17 07:01:05 ET

thats why i want to spin only bollywood...

2004-01-23 16:56:50 ET

that's the next big thing: industrial bollywood bhangra. O MY GOODNESS! I AM SO UP IN YOUR FACE WITH MY JODHPURS!!

2004-01-23 17:36:25 ET

lol...getting asha and lata to go on tour with pigface, instead of those other girls and replace that jackass from hate dept with ravi shankar or one of his kids...
or all the kids at ant zen buying indian insturments...
aw the possibilities are endless, and could end in disaster...

2004-01-24 08:16:30 ET

there's a dude in my film score class who's writing stuff for Bollywood already (he's Indian, duh), and his big intro track sounds a wee bit like the 'Closer' bassline, mixed with dark orchestral stuff, and some Hindi singing at the end. It's not industrial, but as we all know, soundtracks are getting pretty electronic and uber-dramatic these days. (e.g. Matrix II and III with Juno Reactor's input).

2004-01-24 13:47:55 ET

didnt see matrix iii for obvious reasons, but i will deffinately have to agree with you on movie scores getting into a larger electronic field of im just waiting for the call from hollywood about me doing a harshnoise sound track for a movie...but i hold my breath...

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