You must embrace your Fears, as well as your Fat, and learn to Laugh as you consume them...
2004-03-07 23:27:36 ET

I love the Onion

"Those wishing to begin a diet, let alone a highly moralistic pre-Freudian diet, should consult with their physicians," Stearns said. "Otherwise, they run the risk of long-term health problems—not to mention the possibility of their diet being misinterpreted by a rabidly cuisinophobic nationalist sect and used to justify a world takeover by diet Nazis."

2004-03-07 23:53:32 ET

hah... did you see the neitzsche diet?

2004-03-08 17:35:59 ET

i read the article, if that's what yr asking. binge on the things you fear the most until you're sick of them and then fast for 20 days. cute, too cute...

2004-03-08 19:44:43 ET

yeah, i thought it was funny too

2004-03-12 08:52:21 ET


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