2004-03-19 15:00:34 ET

np: off

2004-03-19 16:19:05 ET


2004-03-19 16:22:21 ET

what's so confusing?

2004-03-19 17:05:41 ET

:rocks out:

2004-03-19 18:04:28 ET


someone was very confused I see...but not you, Kreg. :-)

2004-03-20 16:25:40 ET

you can't be confused when you are as ADD as me


2004-03-20 17:28:50 ET

off topic but where did you get the big eyed kitty

2004-03-20 21:29:14 ET

i used to sell them at my old job. i don't actually have one. i would if they had come in black.

2004-03-22 06:16:01 ET

argh. a friend is searching for them. they are hard to find.

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