Nothing To Report
2002-07-07 19:53:50 ET

I bought the Encyclopedia of Hell by Miriam Van Scott at work. It covers Abbadon through Zoroastrianism. Some good "light" reading for the bathroom after I'm done with Etiquette for Outlaws.

2002-07-07 19:55:18 ET

hehe i have the vampire encyclopedia! move over britanica! :-P

2002-07-07 19:55:29 ET

i like the rev and the daisy ;)

2002-07-07 19:56:48 ET

rev with daisy = yatta!

2002-07-07 19:58:15 ET

haha that etiquette for outlaws is pretty hilarious

2002-07-07 20:05:47 ET

i know joe. i had a friend confess that he finally learned smoking etiquette from that book. :D

damn, the yatta link isn't working. >:(

2002-07-07 20:15:39 ET

look down the right side of the site to find Yatta!

*contemplates getting the rev some flesh colored underwear with a big plastic fig leaf on the front*

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