2002-07-07 23:55:44 ET

Go figure, I am given new and improved moderating status in the syko-forums and AT&T decides to have an outage. Three whole torturous hours with no connection... Who knows what wisdom the world missed out on...

2002-07-08 00:05:04 ET

oh my dear lord! how did you ever survive?! :-P

2002-07-08 00:09:57 ET

i don't know. it's 2am and i should've taken that opportunity to go to bed.

2002-07-08 01:44:49 ET

Oh no!

And you've yoinked my moderating position!

2002-07-08 07:55:59 ET

I had the same problem with Time Warner going out last week before I was sapposed to DJ--BASTARDS! errrrrrrrrr

2002-07-08 08:32:01 ET

rock on with your new mod powahs! :D

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