2004-06-02 22:11:57 ET

Wow. I suck at typing. 22 WPM, 19 net speed, 9 errors. I need work. I think I've gotten better, but...


25 WPM, 22 net speed, 3 errors. 88% accurate.

Better. Still not impressive. Damn, I'm half-speed for even minimum typing requirements. I could have this job if I could make myself speed up:


I am little impaired right now, though...

Useful and free on-line test You need Java enabled.

2004-06-02 23:40:51 ET

- Test Name: Fishing in Finland
- Date: 2004-06-03 02:40
- Test Time: 03:00
- Gross Speed: 56 WPM
- Errors: 9
- Accuracy: 94%


2004-06-02 23:55:32 ET

show-off. ;P

2004-06-02 23:56:28 ET

i wish i could, but compared to the guy on there that has 198 wpm, that's nothing

2004-06-03 00:10:46 ET

I know! Don't think I didn't look at the top scores.

2004-06-03 00:14:27 ET

I cried into my 56 wpm fingers.

2004-06-03 00:29:30 ET


i type 97wpm.

something's wrong with me

2004-06-03 00:31:30 ET

i took the test three times. The first time I got 34, and i knew i was better, the second time i got 78 and i knew i was worse, the third time i got 56, so i settled for that.

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