2004-07-29 23:33:35 ET

Even though I had a total lack of response to my plight I'll post this anyway. (Yes, I sometimes can be a bitter bitch, but who can blame me with the amount of stress I'm going through.)

I have a temporary home for both me and my cat. I now also have a part-time job that starts next weekend after my move is over. I'm still alive, and might still survive -like a cockroach! Baaaaaaaaaa!

I need to score a wireless card.

2004-07-30 03:56:51 ET

I still have two rooms for rent.

2004-07-30 07:12:13 ET

Thanks anyway, but I'm staying at this place rent free. I'm broke and I'm trading housekeeping services. Besides, I don't think I could handle living in the Tron with out a car.

2004-07-30 07:18:35 ET

sorry about your lack of support...im in the final stages of moving, and it sucks. i hate having to ask people to help out...its like pulling teeth...

2004-07-30 07:39:25 ET

<hugs> good luck! im sure things will be fine. also if i were there i would've done my best to help out...even though i have no truck or wagon or magical gnomes.

<glances around>

2004-07-30 07:49:01 ET

Ohhhhhh...those gnomes...

*shakes fist*

Thanks Turbo. :)

2004-07-30 13:15:47 ET

anytime (:

and yes...damn gnomes...always eluding me....BUT THEY WONT FOREVER....<shifty eyes>

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