Cow Parade
2002-04-08 20:45:51 ET

So Portland is participating in the Kows for Kids fundraiser. There are brightly painted life-size fiberglass cows all over downtown PDX. There is even one right outside of the store that I work at in NW.

The other night we stumbled across one of the cooler cows over by PGE park, Shark Kow. It's neat. The artist made the face of the cow pointy with lots 'o teeth. It has a back fin and a human leg sticking out of it's mouth. It's really cute!

Unfortunatly, some moron saw the piece of public art as something to tag. Yet another person has been added to my shit list.

2002-04-08 21:01:26 ET

i think that's the same thing as the cows on parade that was in NY last year

2002-04-09 16:21:30 ET

Toronto's special. We had moose. :-P

2002-04-09 21:12:15 ET

my favourites so far are the Shark Kow and the Flaminkow on Morrison near the Square.

2002-04-10 17:36:12 ET

I hear there is a cow dressed in Japanese armor at the China Town MAX stop. I need a picture.

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