I assume I am in the "Filetmignon cluster" ...
2004-12-26 21:22:41 ET

From http://status.livejournal.org/

"Journals located on the Filetmignon cluster (Where Am I?) may currently be unavailable. System Administrators are aware of this issue and are working to correct it. Thank you for your patience with this matter."

Can't access journal right now...

2004-12-26 21:27:36 ET

I got the same thing

2004-12-26 21:32:56 ET

I am here:

2004-12-26 21:37:23 ET

and me without the tobasco

2004-12-26 22:38:28 ET

livejournal's just nuts.

and filet mignon, apparently.

2004-12-26 23:19:55 ET

well I guess you are stuck here with us :)

2004-12-27 10:35:28 ET

I wanna make an entry!


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