2002-04-09 20:29:03 ET

My day consisted of dusting, annoying "normal" couples, dusting, kicking truant teens out of the store, dusting, sketchy gay junkies, polishing fingerprints off glass, shopping for Tachen books for the store, and lastly, dusting. It was a slow day for 23rd Ave. *sigh*

2002-04-09 20:32:06 ET

why dusting so much? you should try dusting and lifting the prints off the glass :-P

2002-04-09 20:57:08 ET

I always wanted to be a forensics investigator. That would be good practice and kill the boredom.

I work in a gift shop on a trendy street. We must look good. Two inches of dust does not sell an item. I think all the dust in the universe originates from my shop, either that or from the Toys R Us I used to work at.

2002-04-09 21:13:05 ET

which shop do you work at, Washu?

2002-04-09 21:57:48 ET

were the normal couples annoying, or did you annoy them? *crosses fingers*

2002-04-10 00:04:20 ET

3 Monkeys

They were annoying. They were dropping crap all over the store and being very loud. I was having a nice calm day but they had to come and step on my cloud. They reeked of liquor at 2 in the afternoon. Early martinis at one of the cafes on the strip, I dunno, maybe I'm just jealous.

2002-04-10 03:07:31 ET

%@#!!!$ RETAIL

heh. goddamit. i need a desk job.

2002-04-10 07:20:23 ET

ah damn, you're right in the hub of 23rd mania! music millenium, santa fe, all 862 starbuck's in that 5 block strip ... nice place to people-watch, but driving/parking/shopping there is a nuthouse.

heh, desk jobs aren't all they're cracked up to be. i've been saddled to mine for 3 1/2 years now; there are times when i would give anything to be a retail/foodservice slave again.

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