Stupid Copyright Shit
2002-07-17 22:53:24 ET

But I don't want to delete Tanky! She looks like me. Whaaaa!

2002-07-18 02:35:02 ET

i'm so famous all my work is my own! ;-P

2002-07-18 07:15:25 ET

d00d - i'm going to have to do a page overhaul ... new backgrounds; damn, i really love Man Ray's work, too. i wonder if i could still keep his stuff in my gallery?

2002-07-18 07:48:57 ET

Yeah I just loaded up my art to replace BRUTE! art...

2002-07-18 08:09:08 ET

I don't understand. With all the multitudes of unofficial fan sites all over the net, how can there be a problem with having a few pics of your favorite things on your journal page.

2002-07-18 08:09:36 ET


2002-07-18 08:33:14 ET

Maybe if you wrote a blurb about whatever it is it would fall under the exemption for criticism. :)

2002-07-18 11:26:02 ET

So long Tanky. Must find a new image later.

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