2002-07-29 18:37:27 ET

It's the sound my butt made when it hit the chair in front of the computer.

I finally put air in my bike's tires so I could ride it. It's something I've been putting off for weeks. I rode it just a few blocks and a little uphill. I totally exhusted myself. I'm so freakin' out of shape. ...too many hours logged into of the forums...ah!'s making my ass wider!

Anyway, time to do mod duties on subcultures, etc.

2002-07-29 18:43:46 ET

you must balance your time between internet and the "outside" (dun dun DUN!) world...

2002-07-29 18:44:22 ET

start running a few times a week! you'll feel a lot better.
it wurkt for meemememememem. um . me

2002-07-29 18:49:07 ET

riding bikes is fun =) my road is killer, though, and i'd probably get hit by a car...

2002-07-29 18:54:17 ET

can't run...boobs hit me in the face.... i just resolve to ride my bike more over the summer. i've neglected it so much this year.

2002-07-29 21:12:09 ET

men like big butts. they say that like that cushion feeling while doggystylin it. i can't say this is true or not since i am female and i am never expected to bump something that feels like a pillow.

2002-07-30 11:13:22 ET

Stay the hell away from the outside world,!!

Ever since my mod-position of Subculture, Etc was ripped from underneath my legs, I've stayed the hell away from there.

It's all about Rivethead and Anything Goes.

2002-07-31 23:11:27 ET

why in hell are you a mod?! you freak.

2002-08-01 04:47:16 ET

It's all about giving sexual favors to syko.

They don't call syko the CRF for nothin'.

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