Show #10 Playlist
2002-08-01 16:38:25 ET

Show number 10 has come and gone. Wow, ten weeks I've
been doing. Due to the fact that I slept in till 1:30
today, this show was 100% recycled.

Anyway, the playlist:

Dryft - Beatz and Vapour
Lustmord vs Metalbeast - Open Towers Emerge
Monolith - Nomad
Black Lung - The Depopulation Bomb
The Klinik - Moving Hands (tim schuldt mix)
B-TON-K - Vortex
Feindflug - Sturmwalzer
Implant - Fun
amGod - Overlove
yelworC - Sacred City (extended mix)
Cleen - Freezeout
Das Ich - Unschuld Erde
Pigface - Go!
KMFDM - Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away
Big Black - The Model
Revolting Cocks - Attack Ships On Fire
Sheep on Drugs - The Money Machine
Velvet Acid Christ - Fun With Drugs (amphetamine club
Cleener - LSD Eyes
Wumpscut - Pest
Soma - Arcane
Kalte Farben - Flower Industry
Gorillaz - Man Research

Next week I promise you all a fresh show. I get to
pick up the new Klinik and 18 Summers (aka: Silke
Bischoff) albums tomorrow.

2002-08-01 16:39:25 ET

i love the fact that you mix gorillaz in with all the 1337 stuff.
rock on, girl.

2002-08-01 16:47:06 ET


i wish you were able to listen.

2002-08-01 16:48:00 ET

was this on sykoradio? if so-- what is your time slot? i will make a point to listen.

2002-08-01 16:59:10 ET

but of course! 2-4pm PST every thursday.

2002-08-01 17:00:34 ET

i will be there next week, dammit :D

2002-08-02 01:09:44 ET

implant - fun
i like this! \m/

2002-08-02 11:57:02 ET

implant, yelworc, amgod, putrefy factor 7, page 12 = celtic circle bands. damn good shit, freakin' hard to find.

2002-08-05 12:09:57 ET

kalte farben! whatever happened to them? I look forward to your show:)

2002-08-05 16:42:30 ET

good question moonglow. i have no idea...something for me to look up when i'm not busy.

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