2002-04-16 17:32:22 ET

I soooo want to update my journal but my life is sooo uneventful right now. I can't wait for this weekend and next. *sigh*

2002-04-16 17:34:06 ET

Yeah, mine too. That's way mine is full of random and useless info.

2002-04-17 04:09:56 ET

do what bio does.


2002-04-17 15:24:05 ET

masterbation log vs. strange but interesting facts hmm... well you could always just comment on other people's entries that might give you an idea for your won entry...you can read mine and comment there... ;-)

2002-04-17 17:46:39 ET

No time to wank. The rev tends to want to hump on me too much. But you guys don't want to hear about that.

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