Hey! Stuff Does Happen Sometimes...
2002-04-20 20:23:06 ET

So today Daniel Ash of Love and Rockets/Bauhaus fame was next door to my work doing a record signing. I had him sign an old Love and Rockets 12" single I've had in my "vaults". Anyhow I told him that I wished I could make it to his show tonight but I'm too broke. He responded with "Is that so? I've no one on the guest list. I'll put you on it" Unfortunately I worked until 7pm tonight and didn't feel like braving the public transit across town on it's screwed-up Saturday schedule. Thanks Daniel for making me feel all warm and fuzzy today.

Now if only Nick Cave would come in tomorrow and do the same thing. His show at the Crystal Ballroom tomorrow night would be a lot easier to get to.

Beer fest last night was fun regardless of the fact that I had to hang with an ex-boyfriend.
"Fizzy yellow beer is for wussies"-Arrogant Bastard Ale

np: Feindflug-Totungsmaschine Mensch

2002-04-21 05:26:54 ET

daniel ash put you on the guest list and you didn't go? ...i think you owe him :-P ...

2002-04-21 09:15:02 ET

I know. I'll go to his next show. I hate being tired and grumpy after work but it happens a lot. If I could've found someone with a car to drive me there it would have been a different story. I was on the list as +1.

2002-04-21 16:38:18 ET

pfft...i would have gone :-)

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