2002-08-16 17:48:59 ET

-The last Preacher graphic novel
-Fight Club (the book)
-two new bras (very uplifting! :D)
-Dance or Die-Schlafendeenergie
-Coil-Love's Secret Domain (original Wax Trax printing)

2002-08-16 17:50:25 ET

graphic novels!!

2002-08-16 18:19:51 ET

i went comic shoppin yestarday

both the starwars : crimsion empire and crimson empire 2 series (12 books, 6 each)

and pitt #1 oh baby

2002-08-16 18:29:07 ET

those albums rock.


2002-08-16 18:53:53 ET

i used to collect comics. nowadays i find that graphic novels are the way to go. individual issues were too much of a tease.

2002-08-16 21:10:24 ET

thats why i love em.. you have to have em all if you wanna know what happens!

2002-08-16 22:10:41 ET

mmmmmmm Coil record *droooooooool*

2002-08-16 22:11:47 ET

ive got music to play in the dark on glow in the dark white vinyl

2002-08-17 02:00:02 ET

will you be posting pictures of your new stuff? ;-P

2002-08-17 06:32:45 ET

the book is much better than the movie, as expected.
im reading it currently.

2002-08-17 12:46:33 ET

all of chuck palahniuk's books are good!
...and check this out if you really dig it

2002-08-19 17:20:13 ET

But you can call me "Little Washuuuuuuu"

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