Moose For Kids?!?!
2002-09-02 18:27:56 ET

This looks suspiciously like the Kows for Kids thing here in the states, but Canadian style...

2002-09-02 18:31:10 ET

hehe i liked it when those cow things were all over the city here. they amused me.

2002-09-02 18:37:31 ET

yes, it was based on an american idea, but that's old old news-- those godawful things have been off the streets for at least a year or so.

2002-09-02 18:40:12 ET

i liked them too. i miss Mootherboard and SharKow

2002-09-02 18:41:33 ET

that site was cruel site of the day on the 27th.

2002-09-02 20:31:25 ET

Flaminkow kicked ass ...

too bad the $$ went to groups that didn;' need it :(

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