Humans Have Soft and Fleshy Brains
2002-10-06 21:42:12 ET

Drove around with my co-worker Jessica today. She’s a potential roommate. We drove by a few houses for rent tonight after work, couldn't look too long due to the fact that it's already dark by 7:30. I love the month of October, but I wish winter were not right around the corner. It was a perfect, dry, warmish fall day today.

I got a little excited about two of the houses we looked at. The first one we know nothing about. It was built sometime between 1910 and 1930, it is huge, and it had a large art nouveau girl in etched glass in the living room hanging in one of the windows. The second is a ranch built sometime between 1950 or 60. It's pretty nice looking, all brick on a hill with a garage under it. It has a beautiful landscaped yard and is maintained as part of the rent, three bedrooms, two baths, and what looked like a wet bar for patio entertaining!

Anyhow, back to dishes. Must keep this place clean just in case the managers want to show the apartment.

2002-10-07 03:19:37 ET

humans can stay out in the rain...

mmm wetbar ;-P

2002-10-07 08:31:37 ET


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