2002-10-25 16:29:05 ET

I just got the message that we have been approved for the big house in NE Portland. I won't be homeless after all! Believe me, I was getting worried.

If all goes well my show will be back on the air on Nov. 7th(provided we have our internet connection at the new place then).

I've been on a huge Coil kick lately. I spent time on http://brainwashed.com/coil/main.html just reading up on the band. Must have more...

2002-10-25 17:27:42 ET

congrats on the great housing news! you'll definitely have to hold a mad-fun housewarming party to break in the new digs! :)

2002-10-25 17:29:53 ET

most definitely!

2002-10-25 17:31:07 ET

i'll be sure to bring some Ant-Type Fun (whatever that consists of) :P

2002-10-25 21:39:39 ET

Nice work on the new place...and Coil kick(?) nothing wrong with that;)

2002-10-26 01:47:44 ET

whee i bookmarked that site! ;-P

and good luck getting settled in to the new place! :-)

2002-10-26 11:20:04 ET

Congrats Washu! what ever happened to the rev's SK acct?

2002-10-27 09:13:45 ET

thanks guys.

Loki, i don't think the rev will ever get to have another sk.net account unless him and m0xie kiss and make up, which right now seems unlikely.

2002-10-27 21:43:10 ET

i didn't know there was drama

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