So Busy, So Much Alcohol
2002-06-02 17:51:56 ET

Thursday was the rev's night at Unterzone. So of course that's where I was. My friend Yukio, who I hadn't seen in months, showed up and promptly tried to get me drunk. I got to play with our new digital camera.

Friday was the start of the Portland Rose Festival. There were far more people out and about that night than normal. The rev and I decided to go walking all over downtown just to play with the camera. We also were street drinking Skyy Vodka/Squirt mixers in Squirt one-liters. Good times.

Yesterday after work my co-worker Mateo came over. We had fun looking at pics, listening to mp3s and NOT spending money. Rum and Cokes were served. I exposed yet another innocent soul to Kompressor. hehe...

No more drinking for me for a few days...

2002-06-02 17:59:06 ET

thursday - Heineken city
friday - Run Lola Run and PBR and Steinlager
saturday - Biddy's and Guiness and Baileys

no more beer ... at least for a little while

*joins Washu in the "clean and drying out" club*

2002-06-02 18:22:49 ET

quitter is for rehabblele...whaztch you mean i'm drunkgg ?!@2 pfffffttttt!! yer crazy... :-P

2002-06-02 21:12:11 ET

I feel woozy just reading these poshts...I mean posts...

2002-06-02 21:50:06 ET


*thinks fondly about the vodka and rum in the freezer, and then remembers she did indeed pass out last night after being obnoxious on-line*

Jeez, I can be a surly drunk...

2002-06-03 18:52:20 ET

um, my birthday in 5 days!!

2002-06-03 19:08:55 ET

What a coincidence; I get paid in four. Maybe I'll finally send you last years b-day present.

2002-06-03 19:12:04 ET


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