2002-06-04 18:11:19 ET

Someone shouted "I love gothic punks!" out their car window at me as I was walking home from work today.

2002-06-04 18:47:00 ET

well that's better then "hey you fuckin' nazi i'm gonna kill you!!!" ...because that's the last thing someone shouted out a window at me...

2002-06-04 18:54:12 ET

yeah, I'd say...

2002-06-04 18:56:04 ET

people throw things at me a lot too, whatever...their aim sucks

2002-06-04 19:04:15 ET

I used to get stuff thrown at me all the time.

The only thing that has happend lately is a couple of giggly girls practically whispering something at me.

2002-06-04 19:06:03 ET

i want someone to actually stop and get out of their car and do something, ya know? i mean it takes a real macho guy to yell and throw something out the window...friggin' pussies :-P

2002-06-04 19:11:58 ET

Ive had people get out of their car and hit me before.

It was fuckin awesome.

2002-06-04 19:16:32 ET

Kids from the burbs like to go "wooooo!" at me when I'm walking down Burnside.

I do have a small fear of things being thrown at me.

2002-06-04 19:25:38 ET

see the thing is i throw things back :-P

2002-06-04 19:26:54 ET

I beat the shit out of the guy who hit me, but his first punch Bloodied my nose

2002-06-04 19:34:19 ET

I live close to what was the KFC on Burnside that Jello Biafra nearly got jumped at when he threw a rock at their life sized Hotwheel. It's a Taco Bell now and the phone booth is gone.

2002-06-04 19:39:06 ET

haha...that's a good story :-)

2002-06-05 07:47:35 ET

I had a woman drive by yelling various obscenities at me once. I think she thought I was her ex-boyfriend or something like that. I also had someone yell "GOTH!" at me. There's no correcting these people.

2002-06-05 17:42:46 ET

today someone yelled something at me.

Thats the first time that has happened since i moved to Wisconsin

2002-06-05 17:45:48 ET

you all deserve it

just kidding..

2002-06-05 17:51:10 ET

People used to yell at me a lot when I lived in Green Bay. Fricken' cheeseheads.

2002-06-05 17:57:18 ET

why did you live in green bay?

your a cheesehead by association

2002-06-05 18:14:30 ET

My dad lived there. I spent roughly six years there on and off.

2002-06-05 18:17:16 ET

still guilty

2002-06-05 18:24:16 ET

*hides Packer jersey and foam cheese hat*

2002-06-05 19:22:32 ET

i will eat you and your whole cheesy state

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