Fun with adlib sites...
2002-06-04 22:09:24 ET

I still really still do not like this guy...

From :

Once upon a time there was a slutty boy named Melvin. Melvin was a stupid hick and lived in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. While tramping in a bar one evening, he was spotted by Jeffery Dahmer who grabbed a scissors and attacked him under the pool table. One of his tricks, a cheap little fuckbuddy named what's her face foolishly tried to help him but Jeffery Dahmer only laughed and stabbed what's her face in the leg until what's her face was in bloody, lifeless shreds. Melvin tried to escape, but Jeffery Dahmer grabbed him and began to bludgeon him with a lead pipe. There were screams of pain and terror as the lead pipe rained blow after blow. Melvin felt his bones cracking and his skull fracturing. fuck, thought the soon to die panty sniffer ''It's a shame to die before I can fuck more people over.'' Jeffery Dahmer then picked up a bowie knife and with a vicious slice cut Melvin's throat from ear to ear. The bar fell silent, then erupted in cheers, as people bought round after round of Cisco for the killer. Someone dragged the bloated carcass outside and into a gutter for the neighborhood possum to gnaw on, and it quickly appeared and began to strip the flesh from his fat buttock. Slowly, the animal began to chew on his lifeless small penis and nipple and soon, all that was left of him was a small pile of bloody scraps. Jeffery Dahmer had done his job well. The End.

Btw, He didn't leave me for someone else, I had a hard time getting it through his head that HE SUCKED ASS and to stay away from me.

2002-06-05 04:47:17 ET

well...that's a good story...i think that website is hilarious!
sorry to hear that your ex was an ass...

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