Creeped Out
2003-06-14 15:20:04 ET

I'm not happy with my situation with the Rev. I'm imposing a blackout from the public on my journal for now. Here I am going back to revealing absolutely nothing about my personal life on line.

2003-06-14 15:26:28 ET

sorry to hear that about the situation, as for the personal stuff...i generally find it for the better...just dont go keeping all that inside though. im sure you have someone to vent to...

2003-06-14 15:52:06 ET

hope things get better :\...and I can understand you about not wanting to reveal personal stuff...sometimes, It just doesn't feel right..

2003-06-14 16:51:00 ET

i've always been iffy about it. but this has been the first time ever in my life i've felt inspired to keep a journal about my experiences. not that i've ever gone into full detail about my daily life, i'll just have to keep it more vague from here on out i guess.

2003-06-14 17:43:44 ET

That's really too bad...I'm sorry to hear that it had to come to that.

Perhaps some day things will be somewhat back to normal.


2003-06-16 09:12:57 ET

whoa. I just looked at Wayward Topics.

2003-06-17 00:50:46 ET


2003-06-19 05:11:14 ET

im sorry hun

i can relate

your new pic is very pretty btw

2003-06-19 07:02:29 ET

ill have to agree with k on the pic...

2003-06-19 11:43:56 ET

thanks guys.

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