Could You Kill Your Best Friend?
2003-06-20 13:57:53 ET

I never got to make an entry about seeing Battle Royal. There is something very special about 14 year old Japanese schoolgirls and boys dying rather messy deaths in a game of cutthroat in their cute little uniforms. Thanks db_cooper for showing me this. Something I need to hunt down and add to my collection.

BTW, I will be live on live365 in one hour.

2003-06-20 14:04:53 ET

I CANNOT WAIT TO THE 2nd one this summer!!!!!

*explodes w./ excitement!!!

2003-06-20 14:21:36 ET

huray for radio action. i was wondering if someone was going on soon.

2003-06-20 14:35:39 ET

there's going to be a second one?!?!

2003-06-20 14:46:17 ET

oh fuck yeah SIN, i can't wait either... i've been advertising for it! ^_^

2003-06-20 14:56:52 ET

Have you seen the prevz?


2003-06-20 14:58:03 ET i'll do that after my show. :)

2003-06-20 15:04:30 ET

god damn, i want to see this so badly! *fap*

2003-06-26 07:34:18 ET

Yeah, I've wanted to see that movie for a while. :) There's some other movie (chinese?) about a prison riot that is similar, where everyone is killing each other. Wish I recalled the name.

2003-06-26 11:56:27 ET's not batel royal 1 is it, axo? :-P

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