Copy Kills Music? Bullshit!
2003-06-30 19:57:13 ET

In my brokeness I think Soulseek will become my friend. I've added this to my reasoning for supporting the making and downloading of mp3s.

-for the purpose of broadcast. I firmly believe that internet radio benefits the artist in the fact that there music is being broadcast to an audience that may have never heard of them due to the artist not having a major label to back them up with paid radio/television time, and may never have it due to their sound not being the "popular" one. If the technology is ever perfected to keep people from making copies of cds it will kill this potential for free advertising. I will always post playlist and give out info regarding any artist I play. I think their music is worth something and people should support them, so this is my contribution.

-some people can barely afford their internet bill let alone buy new music. If it is something I truly like I will go out of my way to try and find a hard copy of an album, funds permitting. Meanwhile, I continue to feed myself and support the artists when they happen to come to town for a live performance.


With that said I think I'll open my journal back to the public. I have family that checks this one to make sure I'm still alive.

2003-06-30 20:01:39 ET

i've given up justifying reasons to download music, there are so many reasons to do it and to not do it. its an ongoing battle.

but im with you on the fact that people can hardly pay for internet let alone new music, i've been on soulseek all day downloading music for my club night. cause im poor and have nothing better to do than to download new mixes of stuff and new songs for peoples to hear. along with good old classics.


2003-06-30 20:02:31 ET

music should be made for fun... if profit comes along with it... well, that's great! but i don't believe in music as a business... it just seems wrong in some kind of way to me (o_O)

2003-06-30 20:04:00 ET

true dat.

2003-06-30 20:21:13 ET

I download alot of music. If I really like a band I will buy their CD regardless. I can honestly say that about 40% of the music I have on Mp3 I have at least one of the groups/singers Cds.

You are still alive right?

2003-06-30 20:24:40 ET

i think so.

2003-06-30 20:26:15 ET

well let's drink and sing sad songs about being alive! ~raises glass~

2003-06-30 20:28:30 ET


2003-06-30 20:31:09 ET

i don't want to have to justify myself. but it kills me to see the "Copys Kill Music" slogan on pages like Planet Myer. a part of me would like to be the person that convinces him to take it off. but i'm too shy and i don't argue well.

2003-06-30 20:37:10 ET

i download music cause i can. end of story.

i just hope veriozon doesnt hand over my name to the feds. like those 5 kids they did that to already.

thats my only worry. but my guess is that soul seek is way off the scale compared to Kazaa which most people use. so i think we're safe for now.

<just downloaded distorted dj WOW its good!>

2003-06-30 21:08:11 ET

i dont care if someone copies my noise...but its noise, and alot of people dont even see it as a musical genre in the first place (though someone said that its the only true new music). sure i work hard to make it, spending time and energy to do so, as well as money. but if someone downloaded a couple of tracks of mine, im sure that would prompt them to go see me play and even quite possible buy one of my affordable cds...
case in point:
they have great resources that lead you to the individual artist's web sites, and generally buying direct from them will get you cds at around $5-10 including shipping...and kick backs for big well as free stuff...

2003-06-30 21:11:53 ET

heck, i'd be happy if anyone listened to my music and liked it!

2003-06-30 22:36:21 ET

exactly my point of view furax...

2003-07-01 00:55:13 ET

the RIAA are a bunch of money grubbing creeps:

here's an idea for you, sue your consumers! all of the major labels need to go down in flames. bloated pigs!

2003-07-01 06:39:53 ET

ah noise...the untainted non money grubbing genre...

2003-07-01 10:44:11 ET

I go back and forth on the issue. I think we're all in agreement that something should be done to support a greater diversity of music artists, in distribution and on air...and online.

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