need chocolate    2006-05-08 21:09:32 ET
ok. the days are counting down. I don't think I will get to sleep tonight for the amount of homework I have to finish before 9:30 AM tomarrow. But Finals start Friday and I think I will accually get it all done. sigh. I am going to go make myself some hot chocolate or hot cider...
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 so close    2006-05-07 19:55:12 ET
Graduation is so close I can taste it. All that stands in my way are 3 papaers, two tests and 2 lighting projects.

 ahh Family    2006-05-05 06:00:55 ET
hmm. Late start this morning. Silly alarm clock seems to not be waking us up. I have so much to get done today. My Brother in Law and his wife are visiting this weekend. they wanted to stay with us and we said we'd love to have them. I offered to get tickets to a play. They declined because they have only two days here and lots of people to see. SO really they aren't comming o see us. they are just using our house. Oh well, I have lots of homework anyway.

My mom keeps asking what I want as a graduation gift. I DON'T KNOW! There are nifty tools, and software I'd love to own. She suggested giving money towards a cruise we had thought about taking (ended up not because it turned out to be alot more expensive than what we were first told.) IF she's going to give money than I'd rather it toward a Laptop or something more useful. Mostly though, I don't want a present. I don't want the family that is comming to watch me graduate to come. Dave Talked me into walking and now I get to parade in front of a bunch of family that was barely supportive of my decision to finish school.
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