*giggles*    2006-05-04 07:59:05 ET
So I had to sign up for my own sloganizer.

 I am sick    2006-05-01 06:55:27 ET
The new stuff the Doctor has me on is horrible. It's an anti-inflamatory sort of stuff to kill the out of wack bacteria that is raging a misguided war in my body. It is in the form of a powder that I make a thinckened liquid from. They call it a shake. no matter how much juice or fruit I put with it, it is a thickened liquid very hard to drink. I choke one of these down every morning and night. A few times it has made me nausous. I am still nausous from the one last night. I am suppose to make myself another before I leave for school in a half hour. My worry is what if it's not the shake that is making me sick? I didn't get sick until five or six hours after drinking it last night. I am going to go mix juice with some mineral water. Hopefully it will settle my stomache.

Update: I locked my keys in my car. took me a half hour of searching the house to figure out they just might not be in the house. I never made it to school. So I called the Doctor. The nutritionist said my symptoms are from the toxins being delt with with the shake stuff. she's cut down my dosage and is having my drink lemon water. I feel better. My husband will be home soon with his key to my car. I am going to go nap now.

 all said and done    2006-04-30 19:25:30 ET
So the birthday is over.
Friday- My birthday present from my honey was to get the rook piercings I wanted. I got both ears done (FYI- The rook is a part of the ear)
Saturday- RivetAngel and her other arrived mid afternoon. While she and I went shopping. Husband set up a party that was a suprise to me upon returning home. I thought we were meeting people at a thai resturant for dinner. I came home to find a bunch pirates on my patio. Then after food and pirate themed games, we went ice blocking. 7-11 well past midnight has never changed. it is still the cracked out place it was when I would visit it in my teen years.
oh and april: truthfully I was a little curious about the shopping trip but you seemed genuine so I wasn't going to subect you to suspicion cause I love hanging out with ya anyway.
Finnally- My sisters got me an expresso machine. All I need are a bread machine and a mixer and I think I will own every kitchen appliance possible. So, uh, where is the store to get more counter space?

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