what do I do?    2009-09-18 19:48:00 ET
So tomorrow, being the 19th of september is talk like a pirate day.

It is also, a good friend of mine's birthday party who wants us all to dress swanky for her vampire themed party.

And just to give me another option. The zombie walk takes place downtown.

Can I be a vampire zombie who talks like a pirate?
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 people    2009-09-16 17:59:34 ET
I want to think the best of them no matter what. But there are days, like today, That I learn things about others by accident. Things that are not my business but then make it difficult for me to go on as if I didn't know.

I am not involved. I don't want anything to do with the drama. I just don't like you right now so don't talk to me.

but saying that requires explination and then I am part of the Drama.

so.. ya. People
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 on the topic of demolition    2009-09-04 16:33:23 ET
In our remodel I have been mostly involved in the tearing out of the old and needing to be replaced. At first it was fun. A month of this. however, has worn on me. I am tired of deconstruction. I want to put together and make new. Yet I still have more nails to pull, flooring and a bathtub to remove. sigh

I watched from behind my safety glasses and respirator mask, my husband, build stairs and rewire the house. He lovingly recognized my need to create and puts me on wall framing for the day.

The damn little framing nails and I did not get along for a good half hour at the start of this new venture. I was reduced to tears before I could get one to drive in properly.

If you can't tell. this week I am overwhelmed. I need a new outlook or less pressure.


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