Can anyone tell me how to win against the airlines?    2009-07-11 18:43:48 ET
There is a camp I have helped run every summer for the last five years. This would have been year six but the camp had to be canceled due to poor registration numbers. So bummer. As silly as it is, it is a highlight of my year. As it stands, I don't get to go to California this summer anymore. what adds insult to injury is the stupid travel insurance we bought for our flight tickets only allows for medical emergency. In order to change the ticket to a later date we will have to pay three hundred dollars.

I kinda feel like crying. again.
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 Life    2009-07-08 20:24:41 ET
So there are marriage problems within the family I married into. There was a meeting last night and stories told.

What happened is not what Ill remember. The response from my father-in-law, my brother-in-law. The strength i've see in my sister-in-law, has made me so incredibly impressed at the family I share a name with. There were tears and anger and hope and grace from those I have never expected it from. I cried alot last night for the pain and the journey that we as a family are going to walk through. But the tears I shed today are thankfulness and a new trust in the family I have here.

 applications are endless    2009-07-06 11:04:18 ET
I can now knit wire. I can think of a few things in my house that could use a knitted copper wire cosy.

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