quote    2009-05-25 14:55:28 ET
something was said at church last night that I find really useful in explain perplexities of relationship

Suffering will not create Love but Love will bring Suffering.
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 My House sold    2009-05-24 08:34:15 ET
Not that we have much communication from the realators. we should close on the 19th of june.

This means I have to find a new place to live by that time. The only house I have seen so far that we like some one else had put a contract on just after we saw it. So dave and I want to buy a fixer, but the rest of the houses that need fixing are so water damaged and scary that I am not sure that we will find something we can live in while we fix it.

Husband and I have alot of self employment stuff in the last two years so he is thinking that we will not get a loan. I am choosing to be more optimistic.

I really thought that selling my house would be the hard part. I didn't anticipate the stress, doubt and disappointment that buying another house can include. It wasn't like this last time.

 in a few hours    2009-05-06 19:48:53 ET
I board a plane for San Francisco.

It will be a well deserved vacation for me.

oh and I gave my notice to the retail Job. I have been offered another part time job. I will still be around tea but I'll be serving it... not trying to sell five pounds to each person I see.
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