the umpteenth attempt    2009-03-28 19:49:44 ET
everytime I try to write an entry I erase it and then go read other people's lives.

 not sure what to say    2009-02-23 14:57:57 ET
American culture seems to insist that everything should be all about me. I should have every chance to have things my way, obtain my dreams, be happy.

I mean it sounds good; but what would my day look like if I didn't spend so much of it consumed with what I want? I have a sinking suspicion that the voice in my head that tells me how miserable I am and reminds me of what a screw up I have been, will probably diminish in equal proportion as my self obsession.

 In my meanderings    2008-11-23 18:51:38 ET
I found this quote:

It is an absurdity, it is laughable, to speak of such a pending disaster as “The End of the World.” We are discussing the end of Humanity, or we are discussing the end of Civilization, or we are perhaps even discussing the end of some this or that Empire that we mistakenly believe to identify with.
The end of the world will come when the sun expands and engulfs it.
Now, is it truly a surprise that our discourse relates economic tragedy with an ecological one? That we actually behave as though a marked downturn in the Market can somehow be compared to the death of Nature? We are so enamored with our vastness and resource that we have forgotten the lark and the sparrow.
So I say, come armageddon. Come, you horsemen. Let us speak these things no more.
—Takici Kaneko, 1934
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