suggestions please    2008-11-20 19:20:19 ET
I was never really good at science and math in school.. However now I find myself with a strong desire to understand theoretical physics.

anyone know any good book to start with?

 point to the calender    2008-11-19 18:19:18 ET
Today is my 3rd anniversary. Yes. It may seem shocking but the husband has survived three years already. Do not worry though, I have promised to be the death of him.

 can't fix everything    2008-09-17 19:21:49 ET
A good and bad thing about my personality is that I excel in finding the missing link and becoming that to help and make things run smoother, or fix what ever problem has gotten in the way. It makes me a very helpful person. It has made me a problem solver. I also take on stress that I don't need or really shouldn't have. In the end I am left doing everything at times.
don't worry: Kelly will do it

Well.. I can't do everything and I can't make everyone's life better. I can't even keep mine from catching fire every few months. So I am going to stop feeling guilty and helpless because I have friends who have difficult lives. I don't have magic words, fool proof methods or even some of the answers.

The above is stated for my benefit.

It is very clear to me now, though, that I need a new job soon (like yesterday) or I will have a melt down.


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