hmmm    2008-08-13 06:37:25 ET
I attended a homegroup last night. It's a church thing. an attempt to bring community beyond the formality of Sunday and give people a place to belong and find support during daily life.

The Church We've been working for is too small to have any home groups yet and even if they did, none would have any others in any similar age or circumstance.

So I looked at a couple of other churches on line and Dave and I Picked one and ventured out.

What we found has promise. The one we attended is amidst a series of each of the members sharing their life story. The tale of where they came from and how they ended up in our lives. The idea is to go beyond casual aquantiance and really be apart of each other.

as I said, I think this holds promise. I have spent two years trying to belong with people who don't really want more from me that what is predictable and easily fixed. yes I do mean "fixed". The keeping at arms length is not malicious. It's a self preservation and comfort thing.

I know that if Dave and I continue to attend this group, we will eventually be called upon to tell our stories. This both frightens and intrigues me. All these people who tell their stories to one another have the safety of history and an already established friendship. Rejection is a risk of vulnerability, but it also feels like a bit of hope that there are people who want to know more of me than the superficial details of routine.

plus: I had a real interesting conversation about differences between girls and guys. Husband was confused why the story from the girl we heard was sooo full of who she was dating and what friends she had. I explained that woman are relational. our identity, is constructed in part by how we relate to others. Am I wrong? Discuss...

 Chaos revealed    2008-08-08 07:00:45 ET
As Promised:
the week consisted of team building feild games:

Gratuitous bellyflops

And time filling Camp chants

We had some serious moments:

And not so serious moments:

Particular favorites of mine:
Pillow fight in the dark with Glow bracelets

The tug of war in the mud pit

The eat a marshmallow off a string while attached to the wall by surgical tubing game

And the marshmallow war

In conclusion;
I think I had something on my shoe

Btw I love this man alot!

and I found a picture of me without sunglasses

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 vacation over    2008-08-05 10:20:21 ET
I've not much time but I wanted to let all know I was back from my travel. My ten Days have confirmed a few things for me.. Of them are the truth that Tennessee is not home and trying to make it so in my head is stressing me out. It's ok that I don't like it here. This is not forever.

Camp was lots of fun. What I think most of them walked away with was that God is present in their lives and their story has power and hope for others. Our speakers were the pastor of the dream center in Salt lake city Utah, a woman who helps women out of the prostitute lifestyle in Las Vegas, and the daughter of the guy who started world vision.
It was not a week of happy motivational speakers with a lists of dos and don't by any means.
I will have a picture post sometime tonight or tomorrow.. Until then I leave you with this

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