He says that it's all part of the plan    2008-07-21 09:00:49 ET
Cell phone quality photo.
There were a few kids who asked to take pictures of us. I should have gotten one of them to email me with a better pic.


 four days till two weeks off    2008-07-17 05:28:14 ET
I leave in a week for a visit to sunny southern California. It's time again for that crazy thing I do call camp. I spend a week with 300 high school kids being the part of the week that makes them do silly things like relay races on tricycles and marshmallow wars. It will be a welcome vacation from the routine and mundane commute..although I won't be getting any sleep.

I am hoping that during my 10 days in CA, my nephew will be born so I can be there for that. My sis is due during my vacation but first babies, I am told, never come on time. *keeping fingers crossed*

Tonight is the Midnight showing of Dark Night. My husband has been apart of all the silly joker advertising thing on line. So he's attending tonight's movie painted up like the joker. He went out and bought me a batman mask, so I can join the fun... I love my silly husband.
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 Pics to share    2008-07-14 04:48:41 ET
I am very proud that I not only instigated this obsession, I made the costumes as well.

And Here are some long overdue photos from my birthday party way back in April

He made his own mask

Some group shots

And my wings Dave painted on my back


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