preperations    2008-04-07 12:57:32 ET
For my one day off this week, I am doing laundry, fixing my resume, cleaning my bathroom, sewing my sister's pants, and redying my hair...all while dancing to David Bowie's many songs.

I am that talented...

I am taking a vacation of sorts starting Thursday. My mom is mailing me to California where I will attend/ run sound for a women's meeting thingy and Be treated to a spa day for the occasion of me turning really old. I will arrive back in Tennessee the following tuesday.
So I am kinda preparing today for that trip as well.. of course accompanied by the above mentioned loud music.

oh and about that last post: Not Pregnant. Not that anyone was worried.

 hurumph    2008-03-31 11:32:33 ET
I hosted a murder mystery party last night. Lots of fun. No pictures yet cause my computer does not want to transfer files at all. I'm thinking theres a bug.

it is well known that girls who spend lots of time together cycle together. Last few months at work have been proof of this. this month I was left out... so do I wait three days until I am later than I have ever been or do I go buy the test now?

 Apathy    2008-03-19 18:06:27 ET
I hate working in a mall. I may be ready to try once more at the resume game and knock on Nashville's theatre door, again. it's just so tiring between the three jobs I work now and the commute and the remodeling, and the church stuff... I am not finding the energy or inspiration.
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