upcomming event    2008-03-03 05:18:19 ET
So I have decided. I am going to have a masquerade ball for my Birthday. Yes I am aware that I am announcing something that won't happen until the end of April. Parties that require those I know here in Nashville to dress up, require time and encouragement. So If you are in nashville, or plan on being so at the end of April, let me know. I'll secure you an invite.. (I know the birthday girl)

 Pot of tea    2008-02-18 07:55:25 ET
More emails. More phone calls. more scheduled meetings. more chaos. What they don't fully grasp is that the facts and interpretations they are quibbling over are not the issue. it is the manner in which the treat everyone around them. It is as if this is a sinking ship and they aren't going to be damned along with the rest of us. It is a self-righteous, fear driven existence that tends to cloud the reality that they are also good people.
*sigh* so apparently it will never be over.

Coworkers have become familyish. Daily interactions over making tea have us fixing each other's lives and fighting each other's battles. Can be lots of fun.. like the planning of Dayle's wedding. Can be hard, like watching others walk into bad situation without heading the warnings from the rest of us. ...And a couple have learned to not question my authority when it comes to blending teas. I will make you a good cup of tea.

 Baby Feewings    2008-02-12 19:47:12 ET
I always described my husband as the one with the artist's temperament. when one thing is not going right... the whole world is against him. Today, It would seem that I have a bit of that in me too. In untangling the mess we were in over email,(see previous post) the pastor was involved and it turned into a meeting with David, myself, the pastor and the parent with the issues.

I have a dress to finish. All morning as I sat putting in facing and the zipper, the tension with the parent turned into a all out war and our Christianity was called into question. The dress suffered for it. I was convinced that I cannot sew. that the fabric and pattern were to hard for me. the dress was not going to turn out well...etc onward down the spiral.

Well now that the meeting is over, parent has apologized for overreacting. I am home and have calmly put the the zipper and lining in the dress. And it is looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Suddenly I am alot better at this sewing thing than I was this morning...

Yeah.. I let my emotions roll into other unrelated situations.

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