We said the same thing.    2008-02-11 06:51:01 ET
my challenge as a youth leader is to try and undo some of the fear motivated restraints put on our home schooled, sheltered kids. We want to teach them to make decisions on their own, to be informed about the world around them, not to live in fear their parents do.

We had a talk two weeks ago about such things. it came from repeated conversations that They can't watch movies like star wars but Lord of the rings is christian so thats ok. David, my lovely husband, brought in his fellowship of the ring book and preceded to read tolkein's author's note on how he hates allegory and even though as a writer some of his beliefs may be reflected in his work, the books were not, are not, meant to be some sort of christian work.

We talked about 1 chorintians 6.12 teaching about how all things being lawful, but not all things being benificial. We want our highschool kids to start making choices based on what would be good and not well... it's christian.

So. I just got an email from one of the parents. He had a discussion with his son about the above manner.

I am happy about this because we encourage them to talk to their parents. We see potential for craziness when these kids are finally let out of the house and no one is telling them what they cannot do. We want them to be happy healthy people who happen to believe in God, not scared overwhelmed kids who didn't know what was really out there.

This parent.. to get back to the email. quoted the same scriptures we used in our teaching as his reasonings for not allowing anything but what was christian in his house. *sigh*

yeah side note: one family doesn't read anything but the bible. Not even other christian books.

I know he thinks he's saving his kid. I know that he is trying to raise him the best he can. but the reality is.. what you fear is what you serve. if he fears what it is in world, all his choices are steaming from that fear.
I don't have kids. These parents are doing what they feel is best for them. I can't, even as a youth leader, tell them I think they are wrong.

I choose to hold onto Ephesians 10 which says that God in my life is bigger than anything I can encounter "out there"

Now, time to organize a nice reply to the overly polite, thinly veiled defensive email.

 anger    2008-02-06 14:49:08 ET
It may be the weather. It may be the upheaval of remodeling a house I don't plan to enjoy. It may be that lately every step I take forward in life has been followed by several steps back. I may be that people are stupid and I need to stop expecting better.

I am soo irritated at every little thing. I am going to go make myself a pot of tea and try to calm down.

Does anyone out there live in the Nashville area? I want somewhere to be besides obligation and schedule.

oh and I lived through my first tornado storm. It's really kinda surreal when you can't tell the wind from the warning sirens.

 Distracted    2008-02-05 14:04:38 ET
I have a dress to make. I want to do anything but make the dress. OH Procrastination!

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