I am the worst sister ever    2009-07-04 19:25:40 ET
I forgot my sisters birthday. it was four days ago.

 moved    2009-07-01 20:22:38 ET
The sale of the clarksville house closed without anyproblem and we are successfully in our temporary apartment. I finally have internet up and running.

House hunting is not as much fun as I would like it to be. Too much frustration and false hope. I now dream of houses I cannot have for some reason or another.
We are looking at this house built in 1940. a colonial revival/cape cod. If the inspection by contractor family goes well tomarrow, we will put a bid on it. five houses we have tried to bid on and all went to other people. the only one that we could have had proved to be badly damaged and we found out in time.
I secretly harbor hope for this house, I can't help it. I look forward to refurbishing a house with character and creating a home that I don't have to commute an hour to and from.

 circles    2009-06-04 17:09:57 ET
So I just made dinner for a kid I met at my church who had lived in the house I am currently in, about 7 years ago. He sat in my kitchen with my acoustic guitar and told me charming tales of pranks he played on his older sister's boyfriend and tried to count how many pets he had while living there.

He was happy to see the changes we made. He said it was the last place he lived with his family all together.

This house will go to another Family in about a week. Or so my realtor is saying.

I have a week to find another place to live. How did it take so long to sell the house and at the same moment be not enough time for me to relocate?

But really, Dinner was fun


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