Mad Mad House
2004-03-12 17:40:26 ET

Dear god. Not these kinds people becoming mainstream. This is just fucking great. This'll influence so many more teeny bopper morons it's not funny...I mean my god. Some of this stuff is just... incredibly amazing what they'll do for ratings. Voodoo priestess making people bathe in animal parts? What a perversion.

Castlevania is my god.
2004-03-12 11:14:52 ET

Last night I stumbled across a website that allows me to download all my favorite musics from random castlevania games throughout the ages... Music straight from the game, and then there's music from soundtracks that have long been out of print... Rock versions of old school castlevania music is just... Amazing.. Plus the orchestral tracks.. Who needs love and happiness when you've got music that replaces those emotions?

2004-03-11 09:03:46 ET

It's really sad when you have nothing to do but update your journal with 'what blah are you' quizzes.

I am the number
I am evil


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

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Greatest commercial: DOOMED!
2004-03-10 19:43:52 ET

Have any of you seen that fed ex commercial? The three guys standing around... "We have get this package sent out or we're DOOMED!... doomed... doomed!" God I love that.

2004-03-10 08:41:27 ET

I'm real bored. Bored bored bored and waiting for a ride home from the college. Someone entertain me damn it.

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