just another day
2005-01-30 08:01:44 ET

the first thing through my head today was "here we go... again... ready for a brand new day?" usually i am annoyingly chipper in the morning. today was not that day. i felt like a 6 year old saying "do i have to?" unfortunately, i am not six, so yes, i have to. i just wanted to run over the old couple driving in front of me, and the idiot next to me needed to be pushed off the road. the speed limit was 45 and we were doing 30. oh yeah. just keeps getting better from there. arrive at work and there are 17 interviews needing doing, 12 sets of notes and data entry, one of my computer systems to enter into was down, and my relief shift had already called in; thus meaning i would have to stay here for a double. i love my job. i enjoy spending my entire weekend here, especially for 16 hours, it's such a treat that i am beside myself with happiness. i mean does it really ever get any better than this? I THINK NOT. so i pray that you all have a f*ck*ng beautiful day, and if you happen to see any roadkill... think of me...
I'm smiling... i promise...lol... just breathe... later-v

2005-01-16 08:23:34 ET

Today, like every other day, I love my coffee. A joe above all others. If I could have a robot it would be making me coffee, and providing other "special needs". Then there would be no bitching about "we don't spend enough time together" or "why don't you show me you care?" Oh yeah, just thinking about the bitchin' wears me out. Later,Val

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