I think I have a day off sometime in May    2008-04-20 15:33:44 ET

May 9th, if you don't count the fact that I have lab in the morning at 8 then I babysit that night.

I can't wait for the summer to get here. I'll still be working a lot, but at least I have a vacation planned.

Holy shit, a real vacation.

End of July. Maine. For a WEEK. Actually going for more than a weekend, this time.

I'm actually working right now. I'm in the lab, while a group is testing a couple of water samples.

I can't wait to go home and have dinner. Then I can crawl into bed and sleep for more than 5 hours.

This isn't exactly an update, but I don't have much time free.

 Meh.    2008-03-14 16:45:36 ET
So much has happened in the last several months...where to start?

Well, this week has been busy.

Iíve worked 77 hours in 5 days.

I feel like my feet are about to fall off.

I feel like Iím about to pass out.

I think Iíve had about 25 hours of sleep max in the last 5 days.

Thank God this work crap is almost over.

I'll explain more later.

 Motionless    2007-09-18 13:51:13 ET
We moved last month to a townhouse closer to work, closer to school. Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything. Work has been busy, and getting back into the habit of doing homework hasn't been much fun.

There is one great thing about moving (probably the only positive thing about it, really) and that is that we are no longer living with the filthy pigs we used to reside with. They completely trashed the house. I was rarely there because of things like working 36 hours a week and going to school full-time. I didn't have time to trash the place. The day that the lease was up, they left around 10:30 that night, left a room full of trash, a lamp that had been knocked over and broken, and hadn't cleaned. Guess who didn't get her security deposit back...

It's alright though (well, kinda). The two couples that we lived with in that 4 bedroom house are now living together in a two bedroom apartment and my old landlord called me today and told me that he may have to take them to court to get some money for the damages to the house (our deposit was $1410, the damages are approaching $2000). The biggest thing happens to be that one of my old roommates had a kitten and rarely cleaned the litter box, causing the kitten to use the floor instead, causing the carpet to be severely damaged, causing it to actually seep into the floorboards below and stain them as well. Oh joy.

Our new place is cool, though. We even have a basement. Plenty of room to store all of my crap, as well as some privacy and quiet time to do homework on the computer.

I've been looking for another job. I'm one of those weird people that likes the 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. shift (the busiest shift, really) and they eliminated that shift with the exception of Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (because we're not that busy the rest of the week, they tell me). Johns Hopkins had a vague job offer a month or so ago. I've applied elsewhere, revamped my resume and haven't even had time to follow up on things. I really need to make a "To Do" list for myself. Something for those rare days that I have off.

Sorry about the brevity of the update is such a long time, but there is homework to be done for my Science of Water class.

That's right, science of water. I only need a lab to graduate, and this is what it is.

 Another year    2007-07-11 10:31:13 ET
Another birthday gone by. Yesterday was full of going to work and going to class. I have realized that being an adult is lame. Even in my line of work, it seemed that working on my birthday was lame. But I need the money, because moving sucks and so does renting a truck.

This year's birthday really was not happy because I did not get to share it with my brother. He was the 9th, I am the 10th, and with his death only 10 months ago, it still burns. I miss him. My mom and dad have birthdays next month, and we agreed to get a cake for the four of us.

Now time to head to school and study for an exam. One more week of class, then Otakon weekend (working the con, of course) and then I'm actually off the last weekend of July. I think I might go to the beach.

 Almost done...    2007-05-10 11:28:05 ET
There are officially three class days left in the semester.

For me, one. But no class, only two exams. Then one final. Then the semester is over!

Today I handed in my independent project. 22 pages of hard work, stress, and possibly the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. That research took a lot out of me. Researching students' perceptions of alcohol-related behavior in college students is hard work. Especially when you get a VERY significant result. I got all happy and giddy about it...for those that actually understand statistics (factorial ANOVAs in particular), my p =.000 in SPSS for one of my factors (p.s.- sample size of 60!). There wasn't a significant interaction, but DAMN. I was expecting to get a significant result...but not like that. PS- I'm a stat geek. Well, not really a "geek," more of an "enthusiast." I might actually go and look at the permutations of my sample size of 60. I really want to know at what n I would get the minimum significance of p=.05.

Alright, enough of that. Although I can do all this wonderful stat stuff...I'll be taking Precalc over the summer, so I can take Calc 1 in the fall and get into more advanced stat classes. I was advised against taking an intro to Bayesian inference class in the fall because I haven't had calculus yet (not by the teacher, but by someone in the department). Dammit. I've only done single-case Bayes theorem, but it was fun.

Blah blah. It's established; I'm a nerd.

Lucky for us there were no real serious injuries at the Hunt Cup. Last weekend at the MCTA eventing we flew two people out and sent another to a local trauma center. Plenty of head injuries to go around...and me in charge of the medics. Went rather smoothly, and I got sunburned like...well, I'm still a little red and peeling. It's getting better though.

I made the plans for mother's day earlier today. Taking my mom and Jon's mom and our families to Macaroni Grill for dinner on Saturday. Mother's day has every place crowded, so we're going the day before. Good idea, right? Yup.

Alright, time to go sit in on a radio show. Till next time...

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