So I hear Hot Fuzz is pretty cool...    2007-04-30 04:37:25 ET
So I'm going to see it on Tuesday or Thursday this week. Most likely tomorrow, just because that's when I have the most free time. The closest place to me that is showing it is Muvico at Arundel Mills. I really want to see this movie. I wanted to see the Aqua Teen movie, but never got the chance to (and I missed the entire showing of it on Adult Swim that one night. Damn work). Ah well. Catch it on DVD.

Aside from that, work this weekend wasn't bad. Every rider that went down on Saturday got back up. We also got an update on the rider that went down last weekend. She'll have at least a year and a half of recovery and they're not sure if she'll regain full function. Really fucking sucks.

In the ER yesterday, things actually went really well. A nurse I absolutely despise was not there. Shit I even stuck a 5-year-old and got it on the first shot. Kids usually squirm and kick, but he did really well. He probably also did really well because the pain of getting an IV had to be nothing compared to the angle his forearm was at. It was only bent at about 30 degrees, but still...that fucking hurts. He was transferred to a pediatric trauma center but not before I gave him a bag full of saline flushes to use as squirt guns. He actually had one aimed at the medic who was taking him to Hopkins when I walked in the room to check on him.

Eh, time to get ready for another day of work. Till next time...

 Tickets! Yay!    2007-04-28 05:15:01 ET
I have ordered the tickets for TOOL. Jon, Robin and my lil bro Mike are going...I don't need a ticket because I'll be working it!

The tickets aren't the best, but the 1st Mariner pricing system is strange. Eh, whatever.

Time to go work another steeplechase. Hopefully an uneventful day...except today they'll be jumping fences up to 4'9".

 Catching up....    2007-04-27 16:35:17 ET
Today I spent a lot of time doing work. Well, nothing entirely productive; just cleaning up my boyfriend's apartment a lil bit while he worked on things for his game tonight.

Now I'm at my place, cleaning up. So entirely fitting.

I'm doing laundry, and trying to write up an incident report for what happened at one of my jobs last weekend...
For those of you that don't know what steeplechasing is, it is the sport of horse racing that includes jumping fences while racing over grass. A rider was seriously injured, and the helicopter flight crew did not stay out of things like they said they would. I stayed out of the way, just because there were enough people involved as it was and I've got a brain in my head. I know when there's going to be trouble. there is. A quality assurance investigation is being started against the company I work for, even though we're not the ones to violate protocol. I really hate people sometimes.

This week has been pretty awesome though. I've actually taken some time to myself, time to sit back and relax for a few brief moments before getting back to work.

I'm planning some trips for this summer. I'm going to some beach with my family, but also probably heading out to IL to look at a couple of grad schools.

Eh, back to catching up on things I've been putting off.
Till later...

 A reason for why I am the way I am    2007-04-20 03:59:05 ET
To those who are new to me (and those who I know but can't comprehend me):

I don't know how many people actually play Warhammer anymore, but this kinda alludes to why I am the person I am today.

Sean was my brother, a really awesome role model (better than my parents, in some ways) and we were really close.

Losing him changed me. I'm not depressed, I'm still just grieving a bit.

It's not every day, but certain things can trigger it.

Gamesday this year is going to be rough, but I should be there (Baltimore, anyway).

It's amazing how one person can make such a difference...I hope one day I can make that kind of a difference.

 A new journal    2007-04-19 18:09:17 ET
One wonders if anyone will ever find this one.
Maybe no one will come on here and criticize every entry I make.
Maybe I'll actually be defended in my own place.

It is possible that someone will find this and actually make mention of me in his own entries...I currently do not exist on here, with the exception of my own words.

Is it that much of an issue that I do not exist? I'm not sure. I know I am flesh and blood, and that is all that matters.


Of course.

One of my loves is statistics, and I have about 40 pages of reading to do for that before I retire.

Till next time, lonely reader.

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