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1. A semitransparent, whitish, and very pure from of gelatin, chiefly prepared from the sounds or air bladders of various species of sturgeons (as the Acipenser huso) found in the of Western Russia. It used for making jellies, as a clarifier, etc. Cheaper forms of gelatin are not unfrequently so called. Called also fish glue.

2. <chemical> A popular name for mica, especially when in thin sheets.

Origin: Prob. Corrupted fr. D. Huizenblas (akin to G. Hausenblase), lit, bladder of the huso, or large sturgeon; huizen sturgeon + blas bladder. Cf. Bladder, Blast a gust of wind.

Source: Websters Dictionary

i found it looking at all the words starting with ichthyo, because i adore fish. there was a point when i had five or six aquariums going in my house. i only have two now, and it isn't satisfying the need. i'd like to start a 20 or 29 gallon community aquarium, heavily planted. i have all the supplies, but the fish and plants will be expensive. and with no job at the moment, i have to be good with the money i have saved.

2002-11-24 17:45:01 ET

Mishkka: but i have had a perticuarly exhasting weeekend and i just got out of the shower and im all warm and i wishmy grandma would bring me tea and comb my hair
Anima Neglect: NO!
Anima Neglect: hahahahahahaha
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2002-11-23 18:12:21 ET

raspberries to all of you at QXT's having a good time.
i'm writing a statement of purpose! 23 skidoo!

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