2002-11-23 15:26:09 ET

i'm starting an art terrorism group. who's in?
i'm plotting a scheme where i get a parade of kids to egg and paintball the windows during total request live. i'd like a marching band to lead. that kind of thing. i'd also like a few accomplices for some smaller, more person to person stuff, like street performance. i've brought this kind of stuff up before but i've never gotten much enthusiasm from anyone.

proof that i'm better than you (sorta)2002-11-23 11:23:43 ET

peter "sleazy" christopherson just sent me an email in reply to one i wrote to the threshold house site. Albeit it was a rather mundane exchange of thoughts concerning a paid subscription service that he's trying to get together, its still pretty fuckin cool.

2002-11-23 11:10:28 ET

afx- girl/boy song
the best song ever.
i want a marching band and an orchestra to come together and do a live version. with richard d james as conductor.
today i stay in and write my statement of purpose for my massart app. no playing tonight.

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