Blehhh    2004-03-19 08:48:43 ET
Why is it raining again? BOOOO FOR RAIN.

Taking the kids bowling today. Sounds like fun, eh? Oh c'mon, i know everyone on here WANTS to go bowling, right? haha.

Nothing else new. That's it. What a lovely life i lead, someone HOLD ME BACK!


 Poppin the cherry    2004-03-17 15:28:11 ET
Well, this is my first journal entry on SK. I'm hella kool now, righto!?!

I have to admit that I dont really have an exciting life, and I doubt anyone will read this. But hey, new way to make friends, right? Yes.

I now have a car, so I'll be out cruising around with nothing to do but drive. Why, you ask? Because I have my car back. w00t w00t.

Oh yes, and of course.

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY! Green beer and little green men for all! Yiiiippppeeee.


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