Poppin the cherry
2004-03-17 15:28:11 ET

Well, this is my first journal entry on SK. I'm hella kool now, righto!?!

I have to admit that I dont really have an exciting life, and I doubt anyone will read this. But hey, new way to make friends, right? Yes.

I now have a car, so I'll be out cruising around with nothing to do but drive. Why, you ask? Because I have my car back. w00t w00t.

Oh yes, and of course.

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY! Green beer and little green men for all! Yiiiippppeeee.

2004-03-17 15:31:32 ET

...the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.


2004-03-17 15:32:30 ET


2004-03-17 15:32:44 ET

Welcome to SK!! :-p

2004-03-17 15:34:12 ET

Welcome aboard
Your uniqueness shall be added to the collective
</gratuitous star trek reference>

2004-03-17 15:42:03 ET

Welcome, love :)

2004-03-17 15:43:05 ET


2004-03-17 15:43:33 ET


2004-03-17 15:46:12 ET

Wow, thanx guys! I feel so loved! ;)

2004-03-17 15:48:19 ET

stupid bitch. no one loves you. =)

2004-03-17 15:50:29 ET

Dumb shit, see they love me they love me! lol

2004-03-17 15:52:41 ET

We love you with a love that is more than love. With a love that the wingéd seraphs in Heaven, Covet you and me. My annabel lee.

MWAHAHAHAHAH. Wow, I sound like a weirdo.

2004-03-17 16:04:18 ET

Yeah for real, your starting to scare me!

Not really. hahaha

2004-03-17 16:13:33 ET


2004-03-17 16:36:51 ET


2004-03-17 17:06:25 ET

Welcome to the asylum, please don't feed the inmates.

2004-03-17 18:44:44 ET

late, but welcome.

2004-03-17 19:07:20 ET

HEY! Welcome Welcome Welcome

I take it you're a fan of TIGER ARMY

2004-03-18 05:40:27 ET

Hello and Welcome ...and Kilted ..I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tiger army even though you were not asking me ! I am telling you I Am !

And I just had to write the poem annabel lee from her p.o.v for my lang class it is also afave of mine. SO yeah ...wow...boredom makes me ramble sorry

2004-03-18 12:41:03 ET

Welcome to SK.

I'm always late.

2004-03-18 17:21:09 ET

Welcome! Driving around requires no reasons

2004-03-18 18:12:04 ET


2004-03-18 18:12:05 ET


You still wanna get pierced this weekend? I am gonna go wif or wif out you and the Tina =P So there.

OoOoO and Natural Magick is having a helluva neat show this Saturday including a Fire Spinning Show .... Ask the Tina for me deets

2004-03-18 18:17:56 ET

dude, heather? you drunkan? idiot.

2004-03-18 18:19:30 ET

who me drunk? No I dont drink!

Naw, I was trying to edit the stupid thing and it fucked up. Mariah's comp is still having issues.

2004-03-18 18:49:24 ET

You don't drink??? YOU DONT DRINK???

well, then that would mean I hate the captain. *G*

2004-03-18 18:49:57 ET


Well ummm maybe I might drink? OH OH OH ... I am gonna go buy some more cloves tomorrow =D

2004-03-18 19:30:05 ET

welcome to sk. I too live in texas. ^_____^

2004-03-18 19:33:45 ET

Join the club .... us TX people are gonna take over the world... oh wait we already did with the shrub

2004-03-18 22:36:29 ET


2004-03-19 03:47:03 ET


2004-03-19 08:47:19 ET

Wow man, you guys all rock. Thanks for all the welcomes.

Siren- I'll let ya know. ^-^ Dunno if i can. Boooohoooo.

300 MHz, where in this hole are you?

2004-03-19 19:02:38 ET

Hmmmm .... well i already got mine done ... teehee ... i'm helluva sexy now

2004-03-19 20:56:15 ET

Welcome to the collective.

2004-03-20 06:26:46 ET

Welcome, and please don't eat me.

2004-03-20 14:51:19 ET

Umm, is that just a warning since your name is velveetaboy? lol

Thank you everyone else who welcomed me! ;)

2004-03-21 09:14:17 ET

I know I'm rather late...but welcome to SK. ^^d

2004-03-21 10:13:38 ET

Thank you very much, late or not. ;)

2004-03-21 12:10:48 ET


2004-03-21 15:28:43 ET

hah, this used to be my username on here.

2004-03-23 12:59:23 ET

Between Austin and Temple.

2004-03-23 13:15:46 ET

Koolio, pretty close to this shitty place i'm in. :)

2004-03-23 13:28:53 ET


2004-03-23 17:24:46 ET

Yup, how did you ever guess? haha

2004-03-23 17:25:35 ET

fort worse than the hood, REPRESENT! w3rd

2004-03-23 17:26:09 ET


2004-03-24 12:12:51 ET

lol, because most people around my area are from killeen.

2004-03-24 22:38:48 ET

Y'all from the sauth? ;)

2004-03-25 02:34:32 ET

grrrr. accents! ha.

2004-03-26 14:18:39 ET

I don't have an accent. lol....well atleast not one of those southern accents. A lot of people say i have a spanish accent.

2004-03-26 20:12:26 ET

Hmmm, Spanish accents are nice tho, they dont sound stupid! I've heard I have a NY accent, but I think if I do, it's not heavy at all. Me, I just think I talk normal. hehe

2004-03-27 17:53:32 ET

lol, yeah me too.

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