2007-01-13 09:24:36 ET

new to this site. very excited! im hoping this place has more interesting people than myspace. ugh. i'm so sick of the people on there! they all act and look the same.

2007-01-13 09:36:43 ET

*has been dodging myspace since the creaction of man*

Welcome aboard. Hopefully you enjoy it here.

2007-01-13 09:55:53 ET

lol, thanks

2007-01-13 09:57:43 ET

Welcome, welcome!

2007-01-13 10:01:17 ET

Welcome to Subkultures!

2007-01-13 10:20:53 ET

welcome to sk!

2007-01-13 10:58:27 ET

Welcome to SK

2007-01-13 11:33:34 ET

welcome! this place is much better than myspace. this place has pixi sticks lmao!

2007-01-13 11:34:26 ET


2007-01-13 13:07:59 ET


2007-01-13 19:08:03 ET

=]! thank you everyone!

2007-01-13 19:38:51 ET

Welcome to Subkulutres!

2007-01-15 09:36:57 ET

is this chels?

2007-01-15 10:28:49 ET

no, sorry, you've got the wrong girl =[

2007-01-15 18:23:51 ET

oh ok sorry. my friend said another friend of ours got one of these and your description kinda sounded like her. hehe sorry again and welcome!

2007-01-15 18:56:25 ET

it's cool. thank you =)

2007-01-15 22:15:19 ET

Welcome to

2007-01-17 15:38:21 ET

Welcome to

You know what I HATE about myspace?!?!?!?! I always get emailed by random girls that tell me my boyfriend is cheating on me. And he gets emailed by guys telling him that when he is at work I am cheating on him.

People are lame!

2007-01-18 11:58:19 ET

omgg, that's shitty!

but i concur, people ARE lame

2007-01-21 02:17:09 ET

Would you like a bigger penis?
Were would you like it?
I can suggest a few places!
[/random side comment]

I love looking at the spam-bots with the one picture of the that one girl everyone has seen but cant name. then when you look at the site it has a bunch of BS that some sweaty hairy guy typed up in his underwear, and then posts a link for ring-tones. but by far my favorite part is the guy that comments first saying "thanks for the add"
it almost makes me sick how retarded people allow themselves to become.

2007-01-21 19:05:23 ET

myspace is t3h suck.

2007-01-24 08:16:05 ET

Welcome to the hood!

2007-01-25 11:01:15 ET

Welcome! How did you find out about SK?

2007-02-14 14:31:15 ET

random search

2007-04-09 04:09:29 ET

Welcome Sweetie!

2007-04-12 14:38:06 ET


diverse beauty: stormy i've turned you into an sk addict!

2007-04-12 15:35:15 ET

Yeah, you sure did! :0)

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